We based ourselves at Holme Valley Camping which is situated about a mile outside of Holmfirth, infamously renowned for its locations used for the BBC series ‘Last of the Summer Wine’.
You can have tea at Sid’s Cafe, which somehow I did not realise was the cafe used in the series, despite the large cardboard cutout of Nora Batty, which somehow I missed. You can even take a tour of the locations used, which we gave a miss as we were not fans of the series.

The campsite is located around a small lake and on the banks of the River Holme.It is a very picturesque campsite, though the entrance appears narrower,than it actually is but you still need to access it steadily. The site has two toilet blocks, a recently opened modern block with excellent facilities and a older block. There is no motorhome service point but there is a manhole available to dumpgreywater.

Holmfirth is more than just a TV location, it is renowned for the number of festivals it hosts throughout the year and it is a gorgeously attractive town. Its main draw for us,however,is that it offers some fantastic scenery, now that its industrial past as a textile town has been confined to the past. Tourism and agriculture are the main drivers of the local economy nowadays.

It is about a 35 minute walk into town and the campsite will give you details of the walk, which will avoid the main roads and follows the River Holme for a good part, emerging at the bus station, via the Co Op, which is good for supplies.

WALK RAMSDEN RESERVOIR about 8 miles, with gorgeous views of Holme Valley

Walk into town & coffee at the cafe next to Sid’s & pick up a pork pie for lunch.
Walk past the church and take Cemetery Road and follow cycle route 68, until you come to a T junction and then turn right. You want to head towards Holmbridge and you will always see the church in the distance. You come to another T junction and you turn right and head towards the village and then you take a minor road on your left and keeping left, you head towards Brownhill Reservoir. You continue past the reservoir to a great picnic spot overlooking Ramsden reservoir. After lunch,continue to follow the track,with the reservoir on your right until you come to a house and then you take the footpath on the left. Walk up the hill and at the top turn right and you are now on a wide track. You come to a T junction, head left and follow all the way until you come to a road.
Do not take this road,which is cycle route 68, but the track immediately to the right and follow this all the way into Holmfirth.

On the way you go through Cartworth Moor and amazingly you will come across a cricket pitch and a football pitch, the latter has certainly seen better days.
You also pass a Camping and Caravanning Club CS with amazing views and as the owner said, who we met drywalling on the lower road, ‘it is stunning on fine days though with the wind howling nad driving rain on this open site it would perhaps be a little different’